Fifthstar Media is committed to quality 

We're an employee owned, tightly knit team of videographers and photographers, working hard to make every project the best video we've ever made. No two video projects are the same, and we treat each one with an eye for detail and an unwavering integrity. Beside for-hire video projects, we pursue our passion and creativity by crafting our own shorts, photo & design projects.


Ajani Bennett

Ajani has been passionate about film his entire life, watching the classics in his Chicago home with his siblings growing up and honing his own skills behind the camera in live and studio settings. Ajani met Luis on a video project for a client in 2013 and the two clicked immediately. Shortly thereafter, Fifthstar Media was born.


Hilary Higgins

Hilary, a Michigan State University graduate, picked up a camera in her teenage years and has yet to put it down. She started shooting professionally shortly thereafter and now her camera is an extension of herself. Hilary's favorite part of a shoot is gaining new perspective from the subjects she captures and making every shoot an enjoyable one.


Luis Rodriguez

Luis is a natural storyteller. He's constantly looking for the comedy in a conversation and for the music in life. A tech junkie, he's worked on several startups (Picturelife, Klique) that emphasize the connection between people and their pictures. Lately, he's been obsessed with learning post production tricks in After Effects and applying them everywhere he can.