We won the Victory Auto Wreckers Contest in Week 6!

Victory Auto Wreckers has been a staple of the Chicago TV Landscape since 1985. When you see a friend in a beat up old car, you need only mention that "That Old Car is Worth Money" to remind them that they're in a junker.

While the original was a bonafide classic, Victory stood stoically by their fixer upper even after the rust ate through the frame. Fifthstar Films realized that the 1985 model was the kind Victory liked, and instead of changing it up completely, we kept what made the original so great while bringing it into the 21st century with some modern design cues and some classic comedy bits.

We hope you like watching it just as much as we liked making it. 


  • Luis Rodriguez - Director, Editor, Voiceover, Colorist
  • Hilary Higgins - 2nd Unit Camera, Actress
  • Ajani Bennett - 2nd Unit Camera
  • Robert Gallegos - Production, Actor, Propmaster
  • Mario Rivera - Motion Graphics
  • Sean Patrick Keen - Actor, Taco Wrangler

Special Thanks to:

Milton and Chely Cardenas / Jayson de Leon / Tim Sheridan / Tom Betts / Mariya Milgram / The good people of Bensenville, IL / Victory Auto Wreckers